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We represent you a totally brand new app for exercising and gym lovers!

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Now you have a chance to avoid awkward muscle aches, due to improper exercise, and even better – prepare your body the way you have always dreamed of – all with our application which is completely FREE!

Join Our Virtual Gym,
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We are a small pack made up of those individuals who at some point in their lives wanted to do sports. We wanted to live a healthier life, but also to look beautiful and be happy with their own bodies.

Many years ago, we all started from scratch. We had no idea about exercises, ways of exercising, equipment or anatomy or muscles. As time was passing by and we were getting better and better, we got to the point that some of us became professional coaches as well. And then we thought – why not use our knowledge to make a simple application and help people get started?

Also, while we were training many people, we realized that sometimes they have a problem “catching” what they need to do and when. We thought that in this way we would help other professional trainers, as well as people who go to the gym and exercise for years, to simplify the monitoring of their work, both for themselves and for their “students”.

And here we are, after a while, we present our work to you with pride. Join us!



Learn more about interesting benefits we made for you:

100+ exercises!

100+ videos for every exercise! Make your choice and pick your favorite for each part of your body. Exclude certain group of muscles with extraordinary types of workout and learn some new kinds of exercises that you never tried before!

impact me!

With our app, you can also choose what specific group of muscles you want to train! We prepared the best of all, so when you want to go e.g. for a triceps-training, we bring you dozens of different exercises. And this for all muscles!

workout for you.

Monday is day for chest and biceps, Tuesday is shoulders and triceps day, and Wednesday is for legs and back… or vice versa.

The point is that you can choose between various types of exercises and create random workouts that best suits yourself.

Equipment or just bodyweight?

Either you train in the gym or at home, you can choose the equipment you’re exercising with.

No equipment? No problem.

If no equipment is available then users get only exercises with their own bodyweight.

track progress.

You are the kind of person that is well organized and always track your “business”?

With this feature, you can continue where you stopped. Now you can track your own progress to success! Set daily weight, to see what were you kilograms in the past; Set a daily posing image, to see how you looked in the past – and more!

Connect with friends!

We all love to share our moments of happiness with our friends or family. allows you to share your entire workouts + posing images and weight with your crew!

In the end, we’re all human beings and we all love to praise sometimes cool


“I have been working on “the pack” for almost a year now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results and experience. They are extremely encouraging and push me to achieve the goals we have set. The workouts are always different and I look forward to each session.

Maria James

After having several trainers I appreciate the knowledge that the guys at have. It is unique in that they are able to customize workouts specifically to each individual. They train with the knowledge of nutrition, stretching, strength, and are able to motivate their clients so results are seen. I highly recommend and will continue to train with it’s help in the future.

Peggy Lee




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Upcoming features

  • Share single day workout with an image

  • Adding kilograms or time used per exercise last time. e.g.: Last time bench-press: 50kg will be shown always at bench-press then

  • Delete entire workout for single day

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